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“Trolling mode” AFM (2012)

UIUC News Bureau: Gone fishing: Researchers’ imaging technique trolls in quiet cellular seas

Materials Today

Imaging& Microscopy


Electrochemical Nanoneedle Based Intracellular Delivery (2010)

UIUC News Bureau: A shot to the heart: Nanoneedle delivers quantum dots to cell nucleus

Molecular Imaging


National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Materials Today

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Wirebonding with Direct-Write Electrodeposition (2010)

UIUC News Bureau: Small wires make big connections for microelectronics

New Scientist: Grow-your-own approach to wiring 3D chips

International Business Time: Engineers create tiny wires with old technique

Materials Today: A direct-write approach


EMT WorldWide electronics manufacture & test; Manufacturing.Net; ECN; ElectroIQ; Red Orbit; ACM TechNews; R&D Mag; PCB007; CN: Computing Now; Printed Electronics World; Product Design and Development; Semiconductor Packaging News; Lab Spaces; Chem Info; Iran Ministry of Industries and Mines; Institute of Nanotechnology; Welt der Physik


Nanoneedle for Cellular Probing (2009)

UIUC News Bureau: Nanoneedle is small in size, but huge in applications

National Geographic News

National Science Foundation

CNET Emerging Technology News

Times of India




Majid Won $5000 Mavis Memorial Fund Scholarship Award


Fabrication of Nanofibers with Unlimited Length (2008)

UIUC News Bureau: New process makes nanofibers in complex shapes and unlimited lengths

Chicago Tribune

The Economist. London: Casting a long line

News Gazette: Scientists wired about new process

Associated Content: Nanotechnology fabrication takes massive leap

Technical Insights (Frost & Sullivan): Fabricating extremely long nanofibers via direct writing


Medical News Today


Nanowire Electric Power Generator (2008)

UIUC News Bureau: Nanowire generates power by harvesting energy from the environment

Nature Nanotechnology: Taking the strain

MIT Technology Review: A new nanogenerator

News Gazette: Scientist conduct electricity along wire too small for human eye

Environment News Network

Nanotechweb (Oct. 16, 2007)


Nanotube Nanoelectrodes (2007)

UIUC News Bureau: Tiny nanoelectrodes can probe microscale environments

MRS Bulletin (April, 2007)

Chicago Tribune (Business Section, March 12, 2007)

Medical News Today